Art and Design

Facilities and Resources 
Art is an enjoyable subject and is a popular choice at GCSE. We believe that Art has a central role in the pursuit of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects, which encourages innovation, analysis and evaluation.   Lessons are taught in two-specialist art rooms, each have a range of equipment including computers with software installed, digital cameras,  light boxes, screen and lino printing equipment and a small printing press plus easels.

Art is important from a cultural perspective; a strong art education can give young people an appreciation of why art matters, where it comes from, and where it fits in a wider social, historical and political context.

We develop our pupils, confidence in their creative ability enhancing their independent thinking skills to promote the acquisition of skills in problem solving, presentation, organisation, self-discipline, critical analysis, communication and technology.  We aim develop creative and independent learners who seek to design original outcomes in fine art, graphic design, illustration, and three dimensional work involving photography.

Quote from pupil - “Our Art lessons are super inclusive and enjoyable; this year I have enjoyed sculpture especially using soap!” - Year 10 pupil

At KS3 our Art Programme is a full on creative experience –Pupils will see a variety of inspirational sources and stimulus from the world around them inspired by the work of prominent artists, designers and craftspeople from various backgrounds and cultures, who have worked through key points of history, up to and including, current working artists. All pupils study Art and Design in Years 7, 8 and 9. In KS3, pupils receive 2 hours of Art and Design per fortnight.  All KS3 pupils work in A4 sketchbooks using equipment and resources to stimulate and ignite pupil’s ideas using IT skills as an integral part of the curriculum for secondary research purposes.

At KS4:  Art and Design/Graphics:  Our pupils follow the OCR GCSE course. This broad base course offers pupils the opportunity to develop skills, knowledge and understanding using practical skills, whilst developing an understanding of the wider world looking at area of art, craft and graphic design.  Our curriculum demonstrates their ability through; fine art, drawing, photography, painting, printmaking, textiles, stencilling, mixed media and Graphic design. Graphics pupils also investigate designers through drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, sculpture, textiles, graphic design, and architecture from ancient times to present day.

 Beyond The Curriculum - offers a variety of extra-curricular to pupils of all ages and abilities. Lunchtime clubs, 1-1 tuition at lunchtime and after school. We currently offer photography tutorials, Photo-pea tutorials in a learning environment where pupils are encouraged to be independent. Pupils visit colleges and universities where pupils study Art and design – invite younger pupils to visit photography workshops/fashion shows.

One of the highlights within the school calendar is our Annual Art exhibition, an evening that displays the talent and the dedication of our KS3 and GCSE pupils as we exhibit a range of artwork celebrated by pupils, parents, staff and our local community.