Summer School

About Our Summer School

At Lawn Manor Academy we held our first ever summer school in 2021 and it was fantastic to see so many upcoming and current pupils in attendance.

The week long summer school was full of fun, interesting and exciting activities that introduced pupils to life at Lawn Manor Academy and an opportunity to meet the staff.

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Swindon Borough Council HAF Programme

Swindon HAF programme logo.

In addition to our Summer School above, the Department for Education (DfE) provided funding to local authorities to coordinate a programme that provided healthy food and enriching activities to eligible children during the 2021 Summer holidays. This was known as the Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) Programme.

Pupils across Swindon, including pupils from Lawn Manor Academy, participated in up to 4 weeks of activities.

Children who were able to take up a place at a free holiday club had the opportunity to:

  • eat more healthily over the school holidays, with a meal provided at each session
  • be more active, by being involved in physical activities and a range of engaging and enriching activities to develop resilience, character and wellbeing
  • be safe and not socially isolated over the summer holidays
  • most importantly, have fun with friends



School aged children from any of the following categories were eligible to access the programme:

  • Children in receipt of benefits related free school meals
  • Children in need
  • Child protection
  • Currently looked after school aged children


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PGL outdoor adventure week exclusively for selected Swindon schools

As part of the Swindon HAF programme, PGL used the outdoors to deliver unforgettable learning experiences for young people, learning through adventure. Many of our pupils took up this fantastic offer and made some amazing lifelong memories.

Each day, in addition to lunch, PGL provided a number of great activities (Team Games, Challenge Course, Problem Solving, Archery etc.) all delivered by their team of expert instructors.