Homework is an integral part of School life and a vital part of your child’s learning. Evidence suggests that working outside School hours improves and deepens understanding and develops the essential skills involved in learning independently: such as resilience and initiative.

Homework also supports securing class learning into the long term memory.

At Lawn Manor Academy pupils will be set homework regularly by each subject to be completed as a minimum expectation.

The homework for all years will be set using Show My Home Work on Satchel One.

Homework support will be offered by all faculties for pupils that need help with homework, in addition pupils should speak to their teacher if they have an issue completing a particular piece of work – this must take place before the deadline.  If the homework has not been completed to the required standard, then the class teacher will contact home to discuss the appropriate next steps.

ICT and reference facilities are available in the Library every lunchtime and after school until 4pm and in most faculties at appointed times. There is access to the internet and the school email system for each child to help with completion of homework.

We actively seek parental support to ensure that homework is completed on time and to a good standard. You can check all homework issued and whether it has been completed by looking at SMHW regularly.