School Catering

Our Canteen

Fresh homemade hot and cold food is available from our canteen for breakfast 8.00am-8.30am, during morning break and lunchtime.

Our lunchtime is 40 minutes and pupils are required to stay on site; pupils can have a school lunch or bring their own sandwiches.

PS Catering, our catering contractors, are a specialist in education catering, providing fresh, nutritious meals to schools and colleges.  Kirsty is a qualified Chef. Kirsty and her team prepare and cook over 95% of the meals fresh on-site.

The cost of a ‘meal deal’ is currently £2.50, which includes a main, a drink and hot sweet or fruit – exact details can be found at the canteen.

ID Card System

We operate a cashless payment system in our canteen.  All pupils are given an ID card with a lanyard which they must wear as part of their uniform.  Pupils are required to add funds and top up their account when required via ParentPay.  Full details will be given to you once your child joins.

Parent Pay

parent pay logo.

Lawn Manor is working towards becoming a cash-free environment, using the on-line payment system ParentPay.

Parents who need to continue making payments by cash may do so using the PayPoint network at local convenience stores.  We will provide you with full details on how to activate your account.