House System

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The Houses were named by pupils when the school opened and take their name from Major Fitzroy Pleydell Goddard, who was the last member of the Goddard family who lived in the manor house on the Lawns.


The aims of the House System are:

  • To create an element of competition
  • To further develop great relationships across the school community
  • To provide opportunities to highlight pupils’ strengths
  • To promote, reward and maintain good behaviour
  • To encourage pupils to lead

Attendance – Regular school attendance is an important part of giving children the best possible start in life. The aim should be to attend 100% of the time. Find out here which house is in the lead with their attendance.

Pupils and staff compete in a year-long series of competitions and events ranging from Team Building competitions, House Points, Numbers Day, ‘Beautiful Swindon Photography,’ and Sports competitions.  National and Local charity fund raising play an important role in providing pupils with a real sense of self in the world.  A full list of House activities can be found below.

Heads of House


Mr Bull in front of Fitzroy House banner.
Mr Bull


Mrs Reynolds in yellow t-shirt in front of Pleydell House banner.
Mrs Reynolds


Miss Cruickshank in front of Goddard House banner
Miss Cruickshank

Current standings

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Current Points Total:
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Current Points Total:
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House Performance History

House Overall Champions

2021/22 – Pleydell House

2020/21 – Fitzroy House

2019/20 – Fitzroy House

2018/19 – Fitzroy House

2017/18 – Fitzroy House


Staff House Point Champions

2021/22 -Pleydell House

2020/21 – Pleydell House


House Sports Champions

2021/22  – Pleydell House

2020/21 – Fitzroy House

2019/20 – Fitzroy House

2018/19 – Goddard House

2017/18 – Pleydell House


House Attendance Champions

2021/22 – Fitzroy House

2020/21 – Not awarded

2019/20 – Not awarded

2018/19 – Goddard House

2017/18 – Goddard House