Student Support

I LEARN Tutors

Pupils are allocated an I LEARN Group and their I LEARN Tutor is responsible for the day to day academic and pastoral support.  The I LEARN Tutor is the first point of contact should parents / carers wish to communicate with the school about their child.

Year Leaders & Head of Student Support

Our team of 5 non-teaching Year Leaders each have responsibility for a year group within the school.  The Year Leaders’ main role is to create a positive work and behaviour ethos within the school and support pupils with any difficulties they might have.   The Year Leaders work very closely with the Head of Student Support, who oversees the work of the Year Teams and is responsible for the behaviour and support of pupils.

Transfer and Inclusion Co-ordinator

The school has a Transfer and Inclusion Co-ordinator who ensures that the school has a large amount of information on the learning needs, medical needs, behaviour and social and emotional profiles of every pupil before they arrive at Lawn Manor Academy.  She also spends a lot of time throughout the academic year in partner primary schools getting to know all the children before they come to Lawn Manor and meets with every pupil.  All Year 5 pupils experience “I LEARN Days” and all Year 6 pupils experience an ‘Artsmad’ Day in September; there is a further ‘Transfer Day’ for Year 6 in July.

Safeguarding & Partnership Officer

Our Safeguarding & Partnership Officer, Gary Dance, primarily supports pupils in relation to safeguarding and child protection matters.  Whilst in most cases Gary will have close communication with parents / carers, there are occasions when the school may need to contact other agencies before contacting families.   Gary will also meet with parents / carers to complete Early Help Records, and may also signpost pupils and parents to external support.

Mr Gary Dance:

I LEARN Interventions

Our interventions aim to support young people to increase self-esteem, raise expectations, improve their motivation and help them to recognise and achieve their potential.  We offer structured and targeted I LEARN intervention for pupils with a variety of social, emotional and behavioural needs.  Pupils are referred for I LEARN support through Year Leaders and the Student Support Team.  All interventions take the form of small group or 1-2-1 work, and usually have a fixed duration of six to ten weeks.

School based interventions include:

  • Tranquillity Zone
  • Nurture Groups
  • Anger Management
  • Therapeutic Work

Assistant Headteacher (Personalised Learning): Mrs Helga Maddock –