Special Educational Needs & Disabilities

The SEND Department is set up to address a wide range of special educational needs experienced by pupils in most schools: 

Moderate Learning Difficulties 
Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD) 
Sensory and Physical Impairments and Disabilities 
Social, Emotional Mental Health Needs 
Speech Language and Communication Needs (SCLN) 
Autistic Spectrum Disorder ASD 
Attachment Difficulties 

Well trained Specialist Teachers and Teaching Assistants work to support pupils both within class and with carefully targeted interventions, such as the DISTAR (specialist reading programme), reciprocal reading, precision vocabulary teaching, JOFFE vocabulary enrichment programme and Language for Behaviour and Emotions.

Teaching assistants also support teachers in developing differentiated resources designed to remove any barriers to learning. 

For most pupils with SEN, help will be provided within the classroom, through Quality First Teaching, seating plans, targeted resources and differentiation by the subject teacher. Some additional support may be provided in the classroom by Teaching assistants. 

Where support involves spending some time outside the classroom, it will nonetheless be in the context of the inclusive curriculum, based on: 

  • Setting suitable learning challenges 
  • Responding to pupils’ diverse learning needs 
  • Overcoming potential barriers to learning.


The appropriate level of intervention is determined by pupil needs in a graduated approach beginning with grouping strategies used within the classroom, access to small group tuition, attendance at tutor time/lunchtime support clubs, limited periods of withdrawal and 1-1 teaching. 

Contact details at Lawn Manor Academy:

Mrs Helga Maddock: Assistant Headteacher (Personalised Learning) SEND

Telephone: 01793 487286


To find out about Swindon Borough Council’s local offer for SEND please go to, for their care and support information and advice website.

The national website ‘SEND Gateway’ powered by the National Association of Special Educational Needs will give you links to associations and charities.

If you need help getting the support your child needs SENDIASS (Special Educational Needs and Disability Information Advice and Support Service) can be contacted:

Tel: 01793 463331


Swindon SEND Families Voice are a non-profit making Community Interest Company formed by parent and carers in January 2018. We are a group of parents that have children with additional needs. We feel passionate about ensuring the services in our area meet the needs of Swindon’s disabled children and their families, and that all parents and carers feel supported. We are the recognised forum by the Department for Education and the National Network of Parent Carer Forums (NNPCF).

SAM (Swindon Advocacy Movement) is a free statutory service for young people with Special Education Needs and Disabilities and their families

Tel: 01793 542575