The Pledge

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This Academic Year (2021-2022) we are pleased to announce the launch of the Lawn Manor Pledge for Year 7 pupils.

The purpose of the pledge is to inspire and create futures for all. We aim to achieve this through offering a range of opportunities and experiences to help develop our pupils into successful and contributing members of society.

Through these experiences we hope to show colleges and employers positive aspects and characteristics that form a good impression and in turn allow our pupils to reach their full potential.

By delivering the Pledge we hope to provide the foundations for all Lawn Manor pupils to become well-rounded and grounded individuals.


Lawn Manor Academy understands the importance of providing personal development opportunities not only within the classroom, but outside of the classroom too. It is through the commitment of the Lawn Manor Pledge and the provisions of services offered that we aim to help ensure each pupil that walks through our gates leaves as a rounded individual and one that can positively contribute to their local community and wider society.


Lawn Manor Pledge aims to give all pupils opportunities to develop their personal skills by:

  1. Increasing pupil exposure to cultural aspects of British life
  2. Developing pupil understanding of values that are threaded through British society
  3. Preparing pupils to join the world of work
  4. Enriching their school curriculum through sporting events and clubs
  5. Creating opportunities to work together with our local community
  6. Building tolerance and understanding of different religions, cultural and view points
  7. Exposing pupils to motivational, inspirational and determined individuals
  8. Building resilience and confidence by encouraging pupils out of their comfort zones
  9. Selflessly engaging in volunteering opportunities and charity events
  10. Enhancing leadership skills through teamwork 

Our Pledge – Futures, Culture and Community Futures:

  • Safe Drive, Stay Alive
  • Practise interviews
  • Post 16 Taster Days
  • Virtual work experience
  • Watch live concerts
  • Options interviews
  • Mock interview
  • Work experience
  • Careers Fayre
  • Careers appointment
  • University visit
  • Enrichment week


  • Visit to London
  • Visit a museum
  • Visit to the beach
  • Attend a sporting event
  • Attend a music event
  • Attend a panto
  • Experience a live theatre production to support KS4 English
  • Attend an inspirational talk
  • Visit to a Church
  • Visit a Mosque
  • Attend a Christmas carol concert
  • Eid & Ramadan



  • Visit to the site of Lawn Manor
  • Volunteers day activities
  • Forest school experience
  • Camping experience
  • Support at a local primary school or community event
  • Fundraise for a local or national charity
  • Visit a library


Our Pupils will have the opportunity to visit a range of Activities and events within our local community