The Media Department at Lawn Manor Academy is always buzzing with excitement and creativity. The subject is extremely popular with the pupils and the course is oversubscribed. Media studies is challenging but rewarding and it enables pupils to exploit talents in a whole variety of areas, for example, photography, theory and analysis, research and design.

Key Stage 4 media for Years 9. 10 and 11 is taught across 3 lessons per week. Year 9 is an exciting time as there are opportunities to learn the broader spectrum of the media industry and to develop practical skills ahead of year 10’s Non-Exam Assessment piece.

We have look at many different forms of print, e-media and broadcast texts which capture the imagination and interest of all media pupils. Examples of texts currently studied by Year 9 are: Pre-School TV, Sci-Fi Film, Photography and Photojournalism, Video Gaming and Advertising. Year 10 and 11 follow the programme of study specified by the exam board. The NEA assessment is worth 30% of the total GCSE grade; new briefs are released every year, but previous years have included music magazine production, sports website design and music video production. This is a practical piece of coursework which requires pupils to research, develop, design and evaluate their own media product, including their own photography. The exam is split into four distinct sections and is worth 70% overall. These sections are:

Television – 2 set texts of study in the genre of ‘Crime Drama’ – Cuffs (2015) and The Avengers (1965)
Film, Marketing and Video Games – study of the Lego Movie franchise, including the video game
Music Video, Radio & Magazines – study of 2 set music videos, MOJO magazine and Radio 1’s Live Lounge
Newspapers & Online News – study of historic (1960s) and modern (2017 onwards) covers of the Observer Newspaper, and The Guardian’s online presence and social media.

The programme of study requires pupils to analyse media language, explore representations (race, age, gender, place and time), gain knowledge of media industries and to apply audience theory.

Media studies really is an exciting and fast-changing topic where pupils are encouraged to express their ideas and interests in many different formats.

After taking GCSE media the next step would be to study Film Studies or Media Studies A level or to go on to Media Production, Photography or Media Makeup BTEC courses where skills can be enhanced and further explored to produce work to a high professional standard.