Connect complements the mainstream curriculum by providing focused support to children in the subject areas of Maths, English, Geography, History and Science. We work with children who have varying educational needs who need a different style of teaching than that provided in mainstream classes, providing a supportive and nurturing environment. We try to ensure that children leave school not only with the highest academic qualifications of which they are capable, but also with the social skills that will enable them to participate in and contribute to normal life. We offer teaching in small groups, tailored to the requirements of the individual child.

Our offering also includes activities in a natural environment where children can benefit from additional support, and a timetable designed to meet their individual needs. We encourage learning through exploration and supported risk taking at a level appropriate to the age and maturity of the child. We seek to nurture confidence and self-esteem, whilst ensuring that children develop the skills necessary for a productive and rewarding life.